Il Torchio, 100% cotton 200 gsm printmaking paper

December 17, 2015 James Macdougall

This special paper was made for the famous Italian printmaker Giorgio Upiglio. His printmaking studio called "Il Torchio", or simply, "The Press" was based in Milan. Upiglio worked with many famous artists and book printers. His output was prolific. This beautiful paper is 200 gsm, 100% cotton, sheet size is 65 x 90 cm short grain. Colour is ivory/off white, the surface is smooth, it appears to have a small amount of surface sizing. It was designed to Upiglio's specifications for intaglio printmaking. It will also suit relief and perhaps screen. It has been tested on lithographic prints and is suitable for one or two plates. The surface is reasonably strong, and it makes a beautiful drawing paper. It will take pen and ink, brush and ink and felt tips without bleeding. It takes a light wash. And what a watermark, I have no idea of its significance. When this stock is gone it will be gone forever. Buy yourself a small slice of history. Pricing is $4.20 per sheet, packing of 25, 50 or 100 sheets. A4 or A3 sample sheets available on request.