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This list was last updated on 07 October 2018

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New Papers

 Stock Code Retail
Incisioni 65170 Yes No
Incisioni 65150 Yes No
Incisioni 65070 Yes No
Incisioni 65050 Yes No
Incisioni 65250 Yes Yes
Incisioni 65950 Limited No
Litho 131070 Yes Yes
Litho 131050 Yes No
Acqueforti 302050 Yes Yes
Corona 63070/L Yes No
Corona 63050/L Yes No
Pescia 202156/G Yes Yes
Pescia 205056/H No No
Acquerello 505056/C Yes Yes
Acquerello 505056/H Limited No
Acquerello 505056/C/DS Yes Yes
Acquerello 505056/H/DS Yes No
Acquerello 505450/C Yes Yes
Acquerello 505450/H Yes No
Acquerello 505070/H Yes No
Annigoni 45270 No No
Pescia Editions PES130 Yes No
Pescia Editions PES160 Yes No
Pescia Editions PES200 No No

Items marked No * are on order and will be replenished

Old Papers

Stock Code Retail
 Revere RSK300IV76 Yes Yes
Revere RFT300IV76 Yes Yes
Revere RSD300BK76 Yes Yes
Acquerello 505556/C Yes No
Etrusca EWH600 Yes Yes
Dig. W/colour DWP280A3+ Yes Yes
Vergella VERG270 Yes Yes

NOTES: "New papers" refers to papers made at the Cordenons paper mill in North Eastern Italy. "Old papers" refers to papers made at the old mill at Pescia. Wholesale sales are only made to approved purchasers who resell our papers in an unaltered state, generally art suppliers and tertiary institution bookshops. Please contact me for wholesale pricing.

Following papers have been discontinued: Pescia 202156/P, Pescia 205056/HGR, Revere Book, Il Torchio